Two brothers

Zurich - Switzerland

At the gates of the city of Zurich, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, lies the old Grundböck family farm, the birthplace of Gian and Florian. Already at a young age, the two were united by a passion to create something new and achieve a breakthrough. It is exactly here, where the brothers have decided to fuse their complementary skills and bring the Deux Frères gin to existence. The beverage and food technologist, Florian, is responsible for all the recipes and is fond of tinkering with them in the lab. Gian, who used to be a professional handball player and business student, focuses his energy on building the Deux Frères Gin brand.

"Our aim is to activate all the’ senses" says Gian. Deux Frères relies, not only on the magic of its changing colour, but it also impresses with its high-quality ingredients.

In order to achieve this, the brothers - together with the support of the entire family, and after three years of steady growth - took an important step and moved out of the family farm to settle in a dashing industrial area on the outskirts of Zurich.

Two brothers gin

Home Gin lab 

Zurich - Switzerland

The first recipe for the Deux Frères, L1000T1, was developed in secrecy at a Zurich home laboratory, far away from large gin distilleries. At the time, the gin was still vacuum distilled in 2.5-litre batches in a self-manufactured distillation plant built from individual glass components. Our first gin recipe consisted of 11 botanicals and had a distinctive, fine citrus aroma.


After a year and a half of numerous distillations and recipe adjustments, we found our signature recipe in Tyrol, together with our master distillers. The 25 constituent botanicals gave our Deux Frères Gin its distinctive taste and blue colour.

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Austria / Switzerland

Deux Frères Gin was invented by the two Swiss brothers. The gin, however, was distilled in the beautiful Austrian region of Tyrol, in a traditional distillery well known for its fine brandies and over 400 years of experience. The copper distillation plant and expertise of our master distillers make for decisive factors contributing to the complexity of the Deux Frères aroma.


The spirit is carefully transported to Zurich in chrome steel canisters. Hand-picked plants are added to the mix and the gin is macerated one last time at low temperatures. The gin is then bottled and hand-labelled with love and care.


Deux Frères Gin Produktion
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