Two colours

From blue to rose

The 25th botanical ingredient of the Deux Frères Gin provides its strong blue colour. Its pigments, anthocyanins stemming from the polyphenol group, have an interesting property - they change depending on the pH value, i.e. they assume different colours in acidic and basic environments.


When in a pH-neutral environment, the gin assumes its recognizable blue state. The addition of tonic water pushes the pH value into a slightly acidic range, causing the gin colour to change from blue to violet to a very soft rose. This magic happens naturally, without any stabilizers or additives - solely through the chemistry of our exquisite botanicals .


Blue Gin
Colour changing gin
Pink Gin

Pure nature!

In the Deux Frères Gin

The blue pigments, which are sensitive to light and temperature, take the credit for the magical colour of our gin. In order to preserve its unique colour for as long as possible, Deux Frères Gin is bottled in special dark pharmacy bottles, protecting the colour pigments from UV rays.


Regardless of storage conditions, the blue colour of Deux Frères Gin will fade away over time, similarly to how good wine or noble natural absinthes age. After approximately half a year, the blue colour will grow dim or even disappear completely. But there is no need for concern: the complexity of Deux Frères aroma and its noble taste remain unchanged.

Gin without additives
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