Our Dry Gin recipe

Organic juniper berries, fresh organic lemon peels, rose petals, lavender blossoms, angelica root, curcuma root, hyssop herb and orange blossom leaves: these are just a few of the 25 botanicals that give Deux Frères Gin its unmistakable taste.

Our exact recipe remains a well-kept secret, but we will reveal this much: 24 botanicals are distilled according to the London Dry Standard. Upon adding the 25th botanical after the distillation, the gin is carefully macerated for one last time.



Zutaten des Gins

The rich flavour of our Dry Gin

Deux Frères Gin is a high-quality dry gin with a clear juniper note, characterized by its fresh, flowery scent and a subtle spiciness. Its soft and harmonious flavour, complex, yet balanced, produces a delightful sensation on the palate and leaves a long-lasting aftertaste.


Hence, our gin knows no bounds - due to its distinct taste, you can enjoy it in pure form, with tonic or in a cocktail.

blue Gin